What is the max length for a single piece top track?2017-08-15T14:00:07-07:00

The max length for a single piece top track is 18ft. That is the maximum size we can fit into our powder coat oven. (Related: the max length for a clear anodized bottom track is 24ft.

Does Panoramic Doors have in house installers I can use?2017-07-26T15:51:25-07:00

No. Panoramic Doors is a manufacturing facility only.

Finding an Installer for Your Panoramic Door

Option 1: Install the door yourself

While installing the Panoramic Door does not require a high level of technical expertise, it is important that the installation guidelines set out in our installation manual be strictly adhered to. If you or anyone in your family or company has basic construction skills, you may consider installing the door yourself. If not, we recommend you find an installer/contractor who is proficient in their trade.

Option 2: Ask friends or family

Often you will have a friend or family member who has had construction/contracting work done at their home or business. There is a good chance that they would know from personal experience if a contractor is skilled in their trade. This is a great place to start as they will be able to personally vouch for he quality of workmanship and professionalism of the installer/contractor.

Option 3: Check on Angie’s List

Angie’s list and similar sites are a great resource when looking for window/door installers and or contractors. All members on the site are rated by the users and is a great alternative if you do not have any personal recommendation from friends or family members.

Option 4: Contact a door/window installation company

In most cities there will be a company or companies that specialize in window and door installation. These companies are often the best in regards to warranty on work done.


If you choose to have a contractor install your door(s), be sure to check that his/her license is current. The warranty for your installation will be with your contractor so be sure to get a copy to the warranty in writing.

What is thermal bowing?2017-05-04T13:03:10-07:00

Thermal bowing is a common occurrence with aluminum doors that have a thermal break. This thermal break is key to energy efficiency as it provides a barrier between the outside aluminum that is exposed to exterior heat or cold, and the interior aluminum or wood that is not. The difference in temperature between the exterior and interior can cause one side of the door to grow or shrink resulting in a slight bowing of the door.


What bottom track options do you have?2015-01-15T06:37:23-08:00

We have two track options: 5/8″ Up-step and Flush Mount. We recommend the 5/8″ Up-step in any condition where water penetration might be an issue.

Can the panels open in the middle of the opening?2016-08-22T18:15:06-07:00

The placement of the main door(s) is always located at the end of the door system.

How does it attach to the rough opening?2017-02-02T18:16:19-08:00

Our doors are installed as block frame.

Can the doors open both ways as in the video?2016-08-22T19:11:58-07:00

In order to ensure a sufficient weather barrier we made changes to our doors over time and no longer offer doors that open both ways. You still have an option of choosing a door that swings inward or outward, just not both.

How wide are the tracks?2015-01-15T06:31:19-08:00

All our doors run on a single track approximately 3 inches wide.

Is the door weatherproof?2019-01-15T11:50:19-08:00

All our doors have an excellent weather ratings.

Do you have standard sizes?2015-01-15T06:27:50-08:00

All our doors are custom built to the size you need.

Can I replace my existing door or patio slider with a Panoramic Door system?2015-01-15T06:27:11-08:00

Yes, we designed our system for easy replacement of most popular patio doors, like Sliding glass doors, French, and bi-fold doors. There is no need for structural changes or additions as all our systems loading is on the bottom track. We recommend you use a qualified installer for your replacement installation for the best performance of your door.

Where can I see a sample of the door system?2015-01-15T06:25:31-08:00

Panoramic Doors has Northern and Southern California factory showrooms open to the public. Other Showrooms are available please call 1-760-722-1250 for further information.

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