As Grand Designs Live 2016 draws to an end, it’s fair to say that everyone here at Panoramic Doors is still buzzing and recovering after the huge success our UK Division achieved at the nine-day show.  As the crowd showed up in droves, it was evident that the turn-out was going to exceed our expectations.  The success of the show was truly a milestone for the Panoramic Door Company as a whole, and even more successful than we could have ever comprehended!

Over this epic nine day bonanza, we had the opportunity to meet and speak with thousands of people, and the feedback we gained from this experience was truly invaluable.  With no slow days or breaks, it’s fair to say a few pounds were shed by all involved.   We found that most visitors were in the market to purchase a traditional folding door, but after seeing our system in action, they quickly realized that this was no longer a viable option.

Our system was very well received and we found people to be extremely impressed and responsive to our patented Magnaline technology, offering them an affordable alternative to the traditional folding or bifold door.  Panoramic Door Systems consist of independent moving panels, giving the user the ultimate freedom to control as many panels as they want open at any given time.

This is what really sets us apart from similar products on the market.  It’s a system built around value, functionality and quality, and with Panoramic Doors remaining on trend for 2016, it really is the perfect solution for seamlessly transitioning between outdoor and indoor living; Summer is fast approaching, and our system is a fantastic way to accentuate Patio Season.  We may not have had a minute to enjoy the beautiful sights of London, but we can live with that!  Overall, we are thrilled to have taken part in such a renowned event and would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone for stopping by and making our trip one to remember..bring on next year!