Kornel Galambos is our Regional LA Manager, fronting our Panoramic Doors showroom on Sepulveda, Blvd.  Born in Hungary in 1984, Kornel made his move to the United States of America later in life to follow his path in achieving the American Dream.  Kornel is one of those special individuals; charismatic, dedicated and always on a path to continuous improvement.  He would be an asset to any company, so we’re so very lucky to have him as part of our Sales Team.  One of the things I love about working for Panoramic Doors is the range of people we get to work with, from all over the world; we value diversity highly.

Not only is Kornel a first class Sales Professional, but he speaks English, Hungarian, Slovak and Czech!  Impressive, right?  Kornel spent many years, bettering himself, ultimately achieving a Masters Degree in IT before beginning his career path working at Citi Bank, International.  Kornel soon realized his talent and passion for the Sales Industry and therefore worked hard to become what he is today; a first class Regional Sales Manager working for a growing leader in the Windows & Door Industry.  When asked about what it is that makes him ‘tick’, Kornel explains it’s his need to learn and improve through continuous study.  Being a true success in this industry means doing whatever it takes and at all costs to get where you need to be.  I’m proud to work for a company who supports continuous education, recognizes good work and where there’s a real sense of ‘family’.  Kornel has been with us now for over 4 years and has made huge strides in terms of bringing a real standard of excellence to the LA Showroom.  Kornel explains:

We are providing the luxury California lifestyle, it’s such a great feeling to add value and change people’s quality of life with this product!

Kornel loves being in a position where he can talk to clients about the phenomenal design of the Panoramic Door System, its versatility and ease of operation.  Representing such a first class product is really what makes him so passionate about what he does, he likes bringing joy into people’s lives as well as a product that the whole family will enjoy.  Kornel says with confidence that purchasing a Panoramic Door System is one of the best investments you will ever make.  Not only do they do a fantastic job of blurring the lines between indoor-outdoor living, but it’s also an incredible way of adding some major value to your home.  I believe these doors, turn your living space into your dream home!  We have so many options to suit most budgets and project needs that you’re sure to find something you will love and enjoy for years to come.

Fun Facts

Biggest Achievement: Moving to the USA with $1500 in my pocket

In the LA area?  Why not schedule your showroom visit and meet Kornel and his friendly team of professionals!  Call 760-815-2434, or call our main sales line at  760-722-1300.

We can’t wait to see you!