Meet Tommy Fox, one of Panoramic Doors’ new Service Technicians based in Austin, TX.  Whilst Tommy has only been with us a short time his technical knowledge is what makes him a key asset to the Panoramic Doors company.  Being a door manufacturer, sales form the majority of what we do; we use North Americas top Sales Professionals to bring to market the most amazing folding door system in the industry.

Our Service Technician team contributes hugely to the success of our company’s brand, our reputation for doing great work as well as providing first class customer support as a whole.  Our technicians undergo months of gruelling training to ensure they are prepared to take on any technical challenge large or small.

Tommy was born in Andrews, North Carolina and raised in Lakeland, Florida.  Before starting with the company, Tommy mostly worked in auto-part sales and garage door service.  He’s extremely technically driven, which makes him a fantastic asset to our service division.  It is always the case that whilst sales may go up and down, but great service stays forever and Tommy is already on his way to being a master in his field.  When asked what he loves most about his new role, Tommy explains:

I really love having the opportunity to put my skills and training into good practice; meeting different customers from all over the nation is a lot of fun!

Tommy loves the doors for their functionality and ease of operation and believes them to be a great choice for any home in terms of adding some wow factor and adding ultimate curb appeal.  Here at Panoramic Doors, we want you to feel comfortable that you’re making a great purchase and sound investment, but we also want you to feel like you have a team of true professionals on your side should anything service issues arise.

In his spare time, Tommy is quite the talented skater and builds his own skateboard decks, pretty cool, right? You can check out some of his board work on his Instagram page.

Welcome, Tommy!  We’re so happy to have you as part of the PD team!