We have so many exciting shows lined up this year, both here, and in the UK!  This week will see our appearance at the 2017 PCBC show; San Diego’s premier trade and conference show, highlighting the latest in industry trends, design, professional education and showcasing the most innovative products on the market.  With over 10,000 colleagues and exhibitors in attendance, it’s set to be an exciting 2-day event crammed with lots of fun! We will be attending from June 27th through 29th, and it’s fair to say we’re hyped!

“The only way to stay on top of what’s happening in home building right now is to see and experience it for yourself… And there’s only one place that covers every angle… PCBC 2017!”

This fantastic show is dedicated to the progression of art, science and the business of housing, and we’re so proud to be attending the largest trade show in the entire west coast region.  As a company, we’re developing and advancing at an incredible pace, one of the reasons for our growing success is our dedication to continuous improvement and keeping up to date with the latest in industry news, trends, technology and products.  This show was launched way back in 1959 as a small educational convention at the Sheraton Hotel in San Fransisco, it now spans an amazing two days with a nonstop, exciting and varied agenda! We can’t wait to showcase the Panoramic Door System to the thousands of talented visitors eager to see and experience something a little different in the building world, it’s shows like this that give us a great opportunity to really educate our peers, industry people and really anyone in the building trade looking to learn about the amazing technology behind the Panoramic Door System.

Nerdy Fact:  PCBC was formally an acronym for “Pacific Coast Builders Conference… Over time the name became an inaccurate reflection of the audience.  The show mow draws attendees from all over the USA, Canada, Mexico and more than 25 other countries.

You’ll know, if you’ve researched replacing your doors or windows at some point of your life, that the multitude of systems out there can be quite overwhelming… And how do you know which is best for your project? And how do you know you’re getting something special for your investment?  This conference allows us to reach key players and let them see and experience first hand what makes us different.  We love to get our peers involved with live demos in a very ‘hands-on‘ way so they can truly gauge how easy our system is to operate.  No other door on the market has the freedom and flexibility that our system has, from panels that move independently of each other to its modern, hinge-free design and highly rated interlocking system; with a Panoramic Door System, you’re in full control of the opening and you can configure the panels within seconds, and in so many different ways!

Not only do we get to educate others, but at the PCBC show, we get the chance to make valuable connections with other exhibitors or attendees ranging from builders to developers, contractors, dealers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers… Quite the VIP list, right?  These are exactly the type of people we seek to make valuable relationships with and so the scope for collaboration is quite extraordinary.  It’s great to leave an event feeling invigorated, full of knowledge and excited about sharing what you’ve experienced and learned over this 2 day bonanza!

If you’re attending, we would be thrilled to connect with you, so stop on by and see what all the fuss is about!  You can check out our new demonstration video HERE.

See you there, from everyone here at Panoramic Doors!