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Absolute Series Vinyl Door

The Absolute Series vinyl folding doors brings the beauty and flexibility of the folding/bi-fold to the vinyl door market. Available up to 19' 5" in width and 8' in height.

Key Features

  • High quality aluminum re-enforced extruded vinyl for strength & performance
  • Ideal for hot & cold climates
  • Master swing door on every system
  • System widths up to 19.5 ft wide
  • Inswing or outswing
  • Up to 8 ft tall
  • Panel width of 20″ to 38″
  • Interlocking tongue-n-groove for superior seal and security
  • Concealed multi-point locking system for ease of operation and security
  • Robust panels suitable for all environments
  • White or Beige Vinyl
  • Laminate Colors Available in Black, Bronze, Anthracite Grey
  • Add a screen system for year-round comfort and protection

    Active Main Door

    Every Panoramic folding patio door comes with a main swing door at one end. This door serves as the primary access in and out. As most of the time, you will be using your door with the rest of the panels in the secured position having the main swing door is both convenient and practical.

    Bottom Track Operation

    Avoid major header construction with our bottom track supported system. Traditional bi-fold patio doors stress your top support beam with hundreds or thousands of pounds of weight. This added weight often requires a completely new header to be installed. Not so with a Panoramic Door.

    Variable Panel Placement

    Our vinyl folding doors are equipped with independently operating panels, you can move them to the optimal position to suit your needs at the moment. You can move them all together, or space them out over the span of the opening to manage airflow.

    Clean and Elegant

    It was important to us that our doors be modern in both design and look. By hiding all the locks and hinges inside the panels and frame, we can offer a clean and elegant door system. And, unlike hinged bifold doors, the Panoramic folding patio door does not require shoot bolts and pull handles.

    Patented Hardware

    Our patented hardware utilizes permanent magnetic attraction to allow the sliding panel to pivot open. This unique design is the secret to the way the Panoramic folding patio door operates and why we call it a “slide-and-pivot” patio door.

    Interlocking Panels

    A second patented feature of the Panoramic Door system is the tongue-and-groove interlock between the slide and fold panels. The tongue-and-groove delivers a superior security and weather rating.

    Weather Rated or Flush Track Options

    Choose from a variety of track options according to your weather and design needs. Recess your track for a smooth transition from inside to outside.

    Thermally Efficient

    Energy efficiency is important. A combination of aluminum and PVC makes it possible to build a stronger, more thermally efficient door system that is suitable for all weather conditions.

    vinyl folding doors


    High Quality Vinyl

    Your door is built using only the highest quality vinyl formulated for years of direct sunlight and all weather conditions.


    Laminated Vinyl

    Add color to your vinyl door with laminate. Our laminate is heat reflective and perfect for all climates.

    Laminate Colors


    Door Handles

    Bottom Track Options

    Upstand Track

    • 3/4” Upstep
    • 2.71” Width
    • 1” High Track Base
    • Weather Tested
    • Thermal Break
    • Clear Anodized Aluminum

    Flush Track

    • No Up-step
    • 2.71” Width
    • 1” High Track Base
    • Clear Anodized Aluminum
    • Allows for flush mount with

    Other Products

    Aluminum Folding Doors

    • Unlimited system widths
    • Up to 10’ tall
    • Hundreds of Colors
    • Real wood interior options

    Folding Windows

    • Unlimited system widths
    • Up to 10’ tall
    • Thermally Efficien
    • Hundreds of Colors
    • Real wood interior options

    Retractable Bug Screens

    • Up to 32’ wide
    • Up to 10’ tall
    • No binding, No sticking
    • Frame painted to match door color

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Vinyl Doors: The maximum size for a vinyl system is 8ft tall and 19.5ft wide  with a max panel width of 38 inches.

    While our vinyl comes in two colors - white or beige - we can apply a permanante laminte film over the vinly to offer various colors. Currently we offer laminates in: black, silver, anthracite gray, and bronze. They films are both durable and heat reflective for longterm use in all climates.

    The signature series door system allows for the choice of one to two master swing doors that can be placed on either end or both ends of the system. The absolute series will have one master swing door, which can be located on either side. For all systems, the master door(s) can be either outswing or inswing.